Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pink Eye

The Purple Dragon appears to have pink-eye (conjunctivitis) today. She says that her eye doesn't hurt, but it looks a mess with lots of greenish discharge. Yuck.

One of the reasons that I don't like pink-eye is because it's one of those highly-contagious diseases that means you should keep your child home so that the rest of the preschool doesn't get sick, resulting in a seemingly never-ending cycle of pink-eye. The problem with this, is that your child doesn't feel sick and so they don't understand why they are stuck at home with goop coming out of their eye.


I've called her doctor, and am waiting for a return call which will hopefully occur soon. I know that it can clear up on its own, and I also know that it could require antibiotics. But seriously, how do you know which one it is? It's not like there's a test that you can do (like Strep) - a doctor just looks at it and makes a judgement call.

Right now I am thinking that if she's not sick enough to be on antibiotics, she's not sick enough to stay home. I also realize that this line of thinking is absolutely faulty logic - but it's how I'm feeling.

On top of it all, the realization that this might be pink-eye didn't hit me until we were in Sacrament Meeting -- which is after Primary. Hopefully the children in her class won't get it. Pretty unlikely me thinks, The Purple Dragon usually keeps to herself.

At any rate, I hope we get this mess cleared up soon.


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