Thursday, February 23, 2006

Talk, yes! Type, no!

My Mom has lost it. Completely lost it. I'm only 3, and while I can certainly talk up a storm, I can't type. So tell me, WHY has my Mom decided to make me a blog? You know she's going to be the one doing 90% of the typing for the next couple of years anyway. She must be nuts.

But since I'm here, I might as well tell you how my day went. I'm sick. I'm old enough to tell you I'm sick, but not old enough to tell you WHERE I'm sick. Momma (that's what I like to call Mommy when I'm not feeling well or want to be loved) and Daddy are smart enough to know that I have a fever, but it took them ALL day to figure out that my throat hurts. I kept showing them my teeth and saying "owie" and crying - but they just didn't understand. Mommy said she might take me to the doctor tomorrow because I don't look very good. Grandma says there's no sparkle in my eyes. I'm still a good girl though - I ALWAYS want to take my medicine (and this time it's grape flavored!). The Pink Princess says that if I have a fever I have to cough - so I pretend cough because Mommy says I have a fever. Mommy told The Pink Princess that it's ok to have a fever and not be coughing, so I only cough a little bit now.

I want to feel better so I can run around and play "Morsels" with Grandpa and go with Mommy to pick The Pink Princess up from school. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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